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On this page, we can manage all notification in this system. To add a notification
Step1: Click on the button Add notification at the top left screen.
Step 2: We will be navigated to the add notification page. On this page, we should fill in all necessary information
  • Name: this name is only used for you to identify your notification. It's not visible to users.
  • Event:
    • Registry account
    • Delete account
    • Change password account
    • Reset password
    • Add to course
    • Add to intake
    • Add to event
    • Remove from course
    • Remove from intake
    • Remove from event
    • Course deleted
    • Intake deleted
    • Event deleted
    • Event started
    • User completed course
    • User completed test
    • User completed survey
    • User completed assignment
    • User completed SCORM
    • Instructor grading
    • Add discussion
    • Reply discussion
    • Reply comment discussion
  • User types: which kind of use will be received this notification
    • All
    • Admin
    • Instructor
    • Learner
  • Body: the body content of an email. The interface to edit body like the image below
Finally, click on the button Create notification to finish.