To add a lesson is Audio

Step 1: click on the button Add and select the Audio option like the image below. We will be navigated to the Add Audio page

Step 2: at the Add video page, we should fill in all information.

  • Unit name

  • How to complete it: we have 3 ways to complete this unit. They are With a check box, With a question, After a period of time. In this case, I'm trying with a question.

  • Select audio file: we have 2 ways to include audio in this unit. They are Upload an audio file and Record audio

Step 3: we should create a question first by click on the Action button and select the Multiple Choice option. We will be navigated to Create Question page. On this page, we should fill in all the information

  • Title question

  • Description

  • Answer and the correct one

And then, save to create the question

Step 4: Select the question that you created

Finally, Save and view to finish

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